Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Cauli Bowl

Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Cauli Bowl

This low carb Keto dish is high in fat with its cheese sauce mix over chicken, broccoli and cauliflower — a nice combo for some protein, vegetables and high fat cheese.

Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Cauli Bowl
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
20 mins
Course: Main Course
Servings: 1
Cyndi Seidler: Yummy Keto Recipes
  • 1 serving Chicken, cooked
  • 1 serving Cauliflower florets
  • 1 serving Broccoli florets
  • 1 cup Cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1/4 cup Heavy cream
  • 2 TB Butter
  1. Steam vegetables (broccoli and cauli).

  2. In medium pot, combine butter, cream and cheese - cook until melted, stirring constantly.

  3. In a small baking dish / bowl, mix chicken, broccoli and cauli, then pour cheese sauce over and stir to mix together.

  4. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.